Sabbatha Rahzuardi is a origami artist and visual decoration designer, with a fine art gallery Bali, Indonesia. He creates next level paper art with advanced 3D origami shapes.

Jalan Raya Kerobokan

Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361


C. Mallorca 260

08008 Barcelona



About Sabbatha Rahzuardi



Sabbatha was born in Jakarta Indonesia in May 28th, 1977.  He was raised in an artistic family amid an international upbringing.  He was gifted with a prodigious talent to draw and well articulate in creativity since little—an expertise that would ultimately shape his oeuvre later on.


His thirst for knowledge led him to spend an extensive period abroad, studying Science Economics at Jesus College, Oxford University in England, Dauphine University, Sorbonne in Paris as well as Interior Architecture Design at National Superior School of Architecture Paris-Belleville, France. 

During his time in England and France, he discovered so many aspects which opened his eyes so brightly to learn many things in related to his talents and skills, which eventually enlightened him to be an artist creator intimately in touch with his Indonesian heritage and artistic drive. 

Artistic Vision

His  journey as a Visionary Self Taught Artist, Artistic Inventor and Creator in the Art Domain began with a spirit to re-contextualize Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage for the modern age. This vision is embodied into an artistic-forward array of one of a kind creations dedicated to those with an appreciation for great creativity and witty-full passion. Every creation is a flow of love, characterized by its architectural touch of Origami and adorned with sublimely colourful free hand pattern.


He is a one of a kind imaginary artist and or artistic creator who celebrate thes eclectics of colour. As an artist who is restlessly captivating daily life eclectics, he constantly infuses his designs and creations with inventional artistic spirit and a noble vision to make a mark in Indonesia’s storied history.

Bali, where everything started has an important creative impact on his creation process. The island’s many invigorating facets, from its awe-inspiring natural vistas to deep-rooted traditions, constantly become the starting point for his blank canvas.

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